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Discovery Breakout Baseplate for popular MCU Modules

DISCO-Adapt-base-example-800x600 DISCO-STM32x4-example-800x600 DISCO-STMx0-example-800x600


Working with popular MCU evaluation boards such as the Technological Arts Adapt9S12 series and the STM Discovery series is now easier thanks to a new versatile breakout baseplate launched today.

The Adapt9S12 version features snap-in nylon standoffs and non-slip rubber feet, and is ready to accept any of the dual-header style Adapt9S12 MCU modules.  To be practical, the MCU module should be ordered with "F" (or "FM") style headers on H1 and H2 so that standard male-to-male solderless breadboard jumper wires can be used.  Click here to order DISCOBOB-ADAPT.

Using the STM Discovery boards in a R&D or educational lab environment is especially challenging because they lack mounting holes.  The DISCOBOB-STM breakout baseplates solve this issue by securing the board to the baseplate via four receptacle sections that mate with the board's pins at four corners.  Two versions are offered--  one for the single-row, dual-header STM32x0 style boards (e.g. STM32F0 and STM32L0), and another for the dual-row, dual-header STM32x4 style board (e.g. STM32F4).  Besides featuring a solderless breadboard section adjacent to each of the two headers, the baseplates come pre-assembled with mating headers and non-slip rubber feet.  Since the Discovery boards have male headers, female-to-male breaboard jumper wires will be required for constructing circuits on the breadboard sections.