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Prototyping Shields for Arduino and Compatibles


Prototyping cards have long been popular with electronics hobbyists and technologists wanting to implement a one-off project.  So far, however, there has been basically only one prototyping shield design offered for Arduino and compatibles.  Now we have greatly expanded the options by offering several new prototyping shields based on time-tested designs.

Our first four shields (ARPROTO1, ARPROTO2, ARPROTO3, and ARPROTO4) were designed for the original Arduino Duemilanove and compatibles.  We have now launched four new prototyping shields (ARPRO11, ARPRO12, ARPRO13, and ARPRO14) to accommodate the two extra header pins added to the UNO rev. 3, Leonardo, EsduinoXtreme, etc.  Also, we have changed the header footprints to dual-row to support those NXP/Freescale Freedom boards which have extra pins.  Check the datasheets to decide which layout best suits the project you have in mind:  original version or the new version.

All shields are priced at $3.00 each, or you can buy a bundle of four designs for $7.50.  We also offer a high-density solderless breadboarding shield (ARSB1)
for $17.