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The solderless breadboard is a popular tool for evaluation, development, and education in modern electronics. Unfortunately, some common devices are not directly compatible with breadboards. While some adapters do exist, they are generally high-priced or not designed for optimal use in circuit design. To address that problem, Technological Arts has developed a broad range of low-cost adapters to facilitate the use of various devices and cables with solderless breadboards.

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PLCC Adapter, 32-pin

Order Code: PLCC32TH
USD $12.00

PLCC Adapter, 44-pin

Order Code: PLCC44TH
USD $13.00

PLCC Adapter, 52-pin

Order Code: PLCC52TH
USD $17.00

PLCC Adapter, 68-pin

Order Code: PLCC68TH
USD $20.00

PLCC Adapter, 84-pin

Order Code: PLCC84TH
USD $22.00

Set of Seven PLCC Adapters

USD $95.00

Raspberry Pi B+ cable/adapter set

Order Code: RPBA40
USD $5.00
cable and breadboard adapter for Raspberry Pi B+, 40-pin 
Product Details...

adapter, 40-pin DIP socket-to-ribbon cable

Order Code: SBADIP40
USD $6.50
Small board converts 40-pin wide DIP socket to 40-pin header footprint. Choose header style when ordering. 
Product Details...

adapter, 40-pin DIP to solderless breadboard

Order Code: SBADIP40-SB
USD $7.50
Plug LED displays vertically into your solderless breadboard... 
Product Details...

USB-to-XBee Interface Adapter

Order Code: USB2X
USD $24.00
XBee carrier with USB interface 
Product Details...

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Results 61 - 70 of 70

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