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  • use D-sub connectors in your breadboard as easily as DIPs!
  • test or develop interfaces to serial and parallel port devices in your solderless breadboard
  • perfect for students, technicians, engineers, and hobbyists!



  • compact design
  • gold-plated 0.025" square-pin terminations
  • rows spaced 0.3" apart to plug into standard solderless breadboard
  • takes minimum real estate on breadboard
  • gives maximum access to tie-points
  • available in both socket and plug versions
  • available in both top-entry and side-entry versions
  • quality 2-layer FR-4 board
  • preserves connector pin-numbering scheme
  • available in 9-, 15-, 25-, and 37-pin sizes

Data sheet for D-Sub adapters is available here

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D-Sub Adapters, 15-pin plug

Order Code: ADDB15P
USD $3.50

D-Sub Adapters, 15-pin plug, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB15P-RA
USD $4.00

D-Sub Adapters, 15-pin socket

Order Code: ADDB15S
USD $3.50

D-Sub Adapters, 15-pin socket, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB15S-RA
USD $4.00

D-Sub Adapters, 25-pin plug

Order Code: ADDB25P
USD $5.00

D-Sub Adapters, 25-pin plug, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB25P-RA
USD $6.00

D-Sub Adapters, 25-pin socket

Order Code: ADDB25S
USD $5.00

D-Sub Adapters, 25-pin socket, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB25S-RA
USD $6.00

D-Sub Adapters, 37-pin plug

Order Code: ADDB37P
USD $7.50

D-Sub Adapters, 37-pin socket

Order Code: ADDB37S
USD $7.50

D-Sub Adapters, 9-pin plug

Order Code: ADDB9P
USD $3.00

D-Sub Adapters, 9-pin plug, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB9P-RA
USD $3.50

D-Sub Adapters, 9-pin socket

Order Code: ADDB9S
USD $3.00

D-Sub Adapters, 9-pin socket, right-angle

Order Code: ADDB9S-RA
USD $3.50

D-Sub Adapters, high-density 15-pin plug (VGA, SVGA)

Order Code: ADHD15P
USD $4.50

D-Sub Adapters, high-density 15-pin socket (VGA, SVGA)

Order Code: ADHD15S
USD $4.50

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