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USB-to-XBee Interface AdapterBDM Pod for ColdFire v2 and 3

USB/Xbee/RS232 Multi-mode Interface Module
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USB/Xbee/RS232 Multi-mode Interface Module

Order Code: USB2X232
Price: USD $30.00

Product Info

This is a multi-talented interface module, providing support for USB, RS232, and XBee all in one compact easy-to-use package!

  • USB-to-RS232 with power breakout: interface to any microcontroller, via a solderless breadboard, your own wiring scheme, or optional DB9P
  • USB-to-XBee interface via 2mm socket strips for XBee, with on-board 3.3V regulator, handshaking lines, and reset button to support easy firmware updates
  • XBee breakout function: 2mm socket strips accept XBee, with two rows of 10 pins on 0.1" center underneath for bringing out all pins to breadboard or DIP socket, on-board 3.3V regulator for powering XBee, and jumper-selectable option for powering target via 5V or 3.3V

  • Features:

    • provides USB-to-RS232 interface function for any MCU module
    • breaks out +5V from USB to power your target board
    • brings out RS232 levels of TXD, RXD, and DTR signals to solder pads and optional user-installed DB9P
    • provides regulated 3.3V to power XBee and/or your target board
    • standard miniB USB connector
    • activity LEDs provided for RX and TX monitoring
    • 500mA polyfuse protects host computer's USB port from accidental shorts
    • small footprint (approx. 1.0x1.5 inches; 25x37 mm)
    • includes a DB9P connector and an assortment of 6-pin headers (male, female, and right-angle) for you to install, depending on your requirements

Product Details

Your target board can draw up to 500mA from a USB port on your computer; less, if it is plugged into a hub

Can be used with XBeePro if you remove the voltage select jumper-- just watch out for the reset button!


Schematic diagram for this module

Drivers for the FT232R USB chip used in this design are available from


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