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SBASIC Manual - Page 3

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     SBasic User's Manual     SBasic Version 2.7              Page 3
     Printed:  December 5, 1999
     History of SBasic

     Version 2.7 fixes a bug in the GOSUB statement that only appeared if
     you tried to use a variable as the argument; the code would refer to
     either the wrong or an unknown variable.  The resulting .asc file
     could create errors during the assembler phase.

     Version 2.6 fixes a bug that appeared in some programs compiled for
     the 68hc12.  Some DO-LOOPs or IF-ENDIFs created sections of code so
     long that the 68hc12 direct branch instructions failed (target out of
     range).  This version treats 68hc11 and 68hc12 compilations the same;
     DOs and FORs create short branches around JMP instructions.  This
     version also increases the number of labels, constants, and variables
     that your programs can create.

     Version 2.5 *finally* kills the last known bug in SB, which corrupted
     comparison tests in several different loop constructs.  The
     distribution file contains a number of test cases that verify the bug
     is finally dead (I hope!).

     Version 2.4 generates all assembler literals as hex constants, rather
     than decimals.  It also replaces the JMP *+5 branching construct in
     6812 output with a straight branch; the 6812 assembler will
     automatically assign the correct branch opcode.  It also fixes a bug
     in the shift and roll functions, which were generating dead PSHx-PULx

     Version 2.3 adds the ~ unary operator, which generates the one's
     complement of an argument.  It also now reports an error if the source
     file contains a DO with an UNTIL or WHILE but without a terminating
     LOOP.  It also now reports an error if an IF statement does not
     contain a comparison clause.

     Version 2.2 adds the MIN(), MAX(), MINU(), and MAXU() functions.  It
     also fixes a nasty bug in the assignment operator, which created bad
     code if you set a variable equal to an array element.

     Version 2.1 adds the COPY statement, for moving blocks of data between
     areas of memory.  Runtime support relies on two new library files,
     COPY11.LIB and COPY12.LIB.

     Version 2.0 adds support for the 68hc12 MCUs.  Code output does not
     take full advantage of the newer instruction set, but it's a start.

     Version 1.5 fixes bugs in code generated for certain uses of peek()
     and peekb().  Also fixes an obscure bug in certain array operations.
     Also allows use of '_' (underscore) in function names; see description
     of ASMFUNC statement below.  Also cleaned up the array assignment
     code; complex array index calculations seem to work fine.  If you
     notice any that don't, please contact me.

     Version 1.4 fixes bugs in code generated for certain uses of multiply.