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SBASIC Manual - Page 8

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     SBasic User's Manual     SBasic Version 2.7              Page 8
     Printed:  December 5, 1999
     where xxxx is either 6811 to generate output code for the 68HC11 MCU,
     or 6812 to generate output code for the 68HC12 MCU.  If you don't
     supply the /m option, SB will generate code for the default MCU, the

     The differences in output code caused by compiling for the two
     machines mostly concerns the library files used.  See the discussion
     below on library files for more details.

     Certain variations of the 68HC12, notably the 68HC912B32, use on-chip
     firmware to take over the MCU's interrupt vector table.  Similarly,
     some 68hc11 chips include masked ROM firmware (such as BUFFALO) that
     also takes over the vector table.  In both these cases you need to
     prevent SBasic from trying to set up a vector table on the target
     machine.  You can prevent SB from creating an interrupt vector table
     by using the /i option.  The format of this option is:


     If you use the /i option and your SB program must use interrupts, you
     will have to add SB code to prepare the appropriate RAM-based jump
     table.  Refer to the Motorola literature on your target MCU for

     Note that the /i option surpresses ALL changes to the vector area,
     including the reset vector.  SB programs compiled with the /i option
     must use some resident firmware, such as BUFFALO, to transfer control
     to the start of the program.