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Using Your Adapt9S12D Microcontroller Module - Getting Started

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Using Your Adapt9S12D Microcontroller Module
Overview of features
Getting Started
Setup the hardware
Application Programming
Software Debugging
Software Considerations
Memory Map
Software Considerations - S12 Clock
Hardware Details
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Getting Started

The first step in preparing to use the module is to read through this manual, before attempting to apply power to the device. Next, verify that the power cable is present. It plugs into a matching two-pin connector on the board. There should also be a schematic of the board, and a pinout guide for the two 50 pin expansion headers on the board.

WARNING:  The board contains electrostatic sensitive components, and it is recommended that standard electrostatic precautions be taken when handling the module. There does not have to be a visible spark for a dangerous voltage to affect the electronics. Just walking accross a carpet on a dry day is enough to build up a potentially damaging amount of static charge. Recommended precautions include using a wrist grounding strap and/or a grounded workstation. The module can also be installed in a protective housing to keep it isolated from undesired external voltage sources.


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