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Using Your Adapt9S12XDP Microcontroller Module

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Using Your Adapt9S12XDP Microcontroller Module
Overview of features
Getting Started
Setting Up the Hardware
Application Programming
Software Debugging
Software Considerations
Software Considerations - Memory Map
Software Considerations - Interrupts
Software Considerations - XGATE
Software Considerations - S12X Clock
Hardware Details
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An enhancement of the popular HCS12 family (and fully backward compatible CPU), the S12X family utilizes the latest process technology. It boasts higher speed (40 MHz), more functionality, reduced power consumption and cost, and enhanced performance with the XGATE RISC coprocessor, on-chip memory-management and DMA module. Adapt9S12XDP512 is a modular implementation that brings these advantages within easy reach of engineers, educators, and hobbyists. The flexible design of the "Adapt" series of microcontroller products addresses all aspects of training, evaluation, development, prototyping, and even volume production.

This manual provides basic setup and operation instructions for the Technological Arts Adapt9S12XDP Microcontroller Module. Included are both the hardware and software information needed to get the board working with a variety of programming languages and development tools. You can use assemblers and languages such as C, Forth, and Basic. Debugging can be accomplished by using the built-in serial monitor and an external program, such as uBug12 Java Edition, or by use of a BDM pod.

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