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uBug12JE User Manual

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uBug12JE User Manual
Connecting to the Module
Programming the Module
Extending uBug12 INSTALL
Developing Software Using Projects
Script Command Buttons
uBug12 Miscellaneous Features
Command Glossary
Writing Compatible Applications
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Welcome! uBug12JE is a Java-based multi-platform program designed specifically to interact with the serial monitors programmed into the Flash of most Technological Arts HCS12 and S12X micro-controller modules. It is able to program and erase memory, disassemble a range of program memory, and assist in debugging user developed applications. This manual provides the information needed to use all the capabilities that uBug12JE has to offer.

While initially uBug12 was made to allow programming Flash and perform some basic debugging tasks, it is steadily progressing to include supporting all aspects of the development cycle.

We'll start by explaining how to install the program onto your computer. This may also include installing other associated third party utilities that will work with uBug12. Next we will outline how to connect your computer to your MCU module (target) so that uBug12JE can communicate with it. Then you'll be shown how to use uBug12JE to program the target with an S-record file. We will next delve into how to take advantage of uBug12 to extend its functionality, run assemblers, manage projects, and even set up the user-defined buttons to make the development cycle easier, along with some miscellaneous features. We then provide a Glossary listing all of the commands available in uBug12JE. This is followed by a short list of essential rules to follow when developing software with uBug12JE. The manual concludes with an Appendix describing the procedure, if needed, to program the serial monitor into your target MCU, as required by uBug12JE.

uBug12JE provides a means to program S12 and S12X targets and troubleshoot most user developed code issues without the use of an external BDM pod. This includes capabilities to examine and change memory locations, register values, single step through code, and set multiple breakpoints at any point in memory. For debugging capabilities beyond this, a BDM pod will be needed. The Technological Arts UBSDMLT pod is a good low-cost choice for this.

Please be aware that uBug12 is constantly being updated with new features, capabilities and bug fixes. Because of this, it may be possible that you see hints of things to come while using uBug12. (Of course, if you would like to help out, or just have suggestions, please let us know!) The current version documented here is 3.9.

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