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                                 User's Manual
                          SBasic Compiler Version 2.7

                                  Karl E. Lunt

                  Copyright (c) 1996, 1998, 1999   Bothell, WA
                              All rights reserved
                            Printed December 5, 1999


            I am releasing the executable for the SBasic compiler, all
           supporting library and include files, assorted test cases,
           and this document as freeware.  Feel free to use SBasic for
             whatever non-commercial application seems appropriate.

           The SBasic compiler, with or without its attendant support
        files, is freeware and in the public domain.  You may not charge
       for the sale or distribution of SBasic or its distribution files.
         If you distribute SBasic to others, please include this manual
              in its present form, complete with this disclaimer.

           I make no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the
         suitability of SBasic for any particular purpose, nor do I assume
         any liability arising out of the application or use of SBasic,
       and I disclaim any and all liability, including without limitation
                      consequential or incidental damages.

            You, as the user, take all responsibility for direct and/or
      consequential damages of any kind that might arise from using SBasic
                                in any fashion.

          I do not warrant that SBasic is free of bugs.  If you find what
     you think is a bug, kindly let me know what it is IN DETAIL, and I'll
       certainly consider fixing it in a later release, if there ever is

         I developed SBasic as a tool for working with the Motorola 68hc11
     and 68hc12 MCUs.  If you use SBasic for developing robotics (or other)
        application code and find it useful, fine.  If you don't find it
                  suitable in some fashion, then don't use it.


                                   Karl Lunt
                               116 173rd St., SW
                              Bothell, WA   98012