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SBASIC Manual - Page 12

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     SBasic User's Manual     SBasic Version 2.7             Page 12
     Printed:  December 5, 1999
      copy           copies a block of data between two memory areas
      =              assignment
      +              addition
      -              subtraction; unary negation
      ~              1's complement
      *              integer multiply
      /              integer divide
      mod            integer modulus
      and            boolean AND
      or             boolean OR
      xor            boolean XOR
      =              test, equal
      <              test, less-than
      >              test, greater-than
      , ><         test, not-equal
      <*             test, unsigned less-than
      >*             test, unsigned greater-than
      rshft()        shift argument 1 bit to right
      lshft()        shift argument 1 bit to left
      rroll()        rotate argument 1 bit to right
      lroll()        rotate argument 1 bit to left
      min()          returns smaller of two values (signed)
      max()          returns larger of two values (signed)
      minu()         returns smaller of two values (unsigned)
      maxu()         returns larger of two values (unsigned)
      peek()         read 16-bit contents of an address
      peekb()        read 8-bit contents of an address
      poke           write 16-bit value to an address
      pokeb          write 8-bit value to an address
      swapb          exchange bytes
      for            starts a FOR-NEXT iterative loop
      to             signed test in a FOR-NEXT loop
      to*            unsigned test in a FOR-NEXT loop
      step           optional part of a FOR-NEXT loop
      next           ends a FOR-NEXT loop
      if             starts an IF-ELSE-ENDIF structure
      else           part of an IF-ELSE-ENDIF structure
      elseif         part of an IF-ELSE-ENDIF structure
      endif          ends an IF-ELSE-ENDIF structure
      while          starts a WHILE-WEND structure
      wend           ends a WHILE-WEND structure
      do             starts a DO-LOOP structure
      while          optional part of a DO-LOOP structure
      until          optional part of a DO-LOOP structure
      loop           ends a DO-LOOP structure
      waitwhile      waits while an I/O condition exists
      waituntil      waits until an I/O condition occurs
      select         starts a SELECT-CASE structure
      case           starts a CASE clause within a SELECT-CASE structure
      endcase        ends a CASE clause
      endselect      ends a SELECT-CASE structure
      exit           leaves loop structure early
      print          output text to the console